Winter Journey

Give yourself the gift of soul.

Winter is the time of the Dark Goddess and Her rebirth mysteries. From the death of Winter, the new life of Spring emerges. On the Winter Solstice, the new dawn is reborn from the darkest night. So too you reclaim and rebirth your true beauty from the depths of your wounding.

The Winter Journey guides you in these Dark Goddess mysteries of healing and transformation, where new, life-affirming possibilities are reborn from your struggles, wounding and death-like endings.

Each season has its own lesson on your Journey of Soul.

On Your Winter Journey you will:

Learn the essential skills of rebirth magic: traveling the ways of the Dark Goddess; reclaiming your wounded self; and cultivating inner emptiness and loving awareness.

Discover the soul work of healing and transformation that is emerging for you at this time.

Descend into your inner darkness in search of the lost stories of your beauty and wounding that can inspire and direct your personal rebirth magic.

Align your spiritual path with the seasonal powers of the Dark Goddess and Nature.

Explore the winter season mysteries of darkness, death and rebirth.

Your Winter Journey includes:

The Winter Journey Guidebook (pdf ebook)

Seven lessons, each with an integrated wisdom teaching, awareness practice and journaling task to help you explore and experience the teaching, and apply it to your spiritual work and everyday life.

  • Lesson 1: Starting Your Winter Journey
  • Lesson 2: Listening to Nature: The Magic of Rebirth
  • Lesson 3: Communing with the Mysteries: Promise and Perils of the Dark Goddess
  • Lesson 4: A Guided Meditation: Brave the Great Below
  • Lesson 5: Pathwork: Loving Your Wounded Self
  • Lesson 6: Pathwork: Practicing Breath Meditation
  • Lesson 7: Walking the Path: Living Your Rebirth Magic

The Winter Journey Journal (pdf ebook)

For each lesson, there are journaling prompts and questions to deepen your self-awareness and exploration of the Winter Journey teachings. The Winter Journey Journal is an interactive pdf, allowing you to record and save your journal entries.

The Winter Journey Guided Meditation (audio mp3)

A 25 minute meditation that connects you with the potent energies of the winter season as you travel to the realm of the Dark Goddess in search of the deep roots of your personal rebirth magic, and the lost stories of your beauty and wounding that can heal and transform your life.

The Dark Goddess is calling you

to Her powerful rebirth magic

that can make your life anew.

The gift of soul She offers is your true, beautiful Self.

Your Winter Journey awaits you!