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Tale of the Lost Daughter - What Readers Are Saying...

I have this book, I read this book, I suggest everyone reads this book! First time read it like the beautiful story it is. Then read it a second time slowly to start transforming your life.

Kathleen McCutcheon

This is an amazing book! I can hardly wait for the next in the series and the companion non-fiction books to come out.

Whether you are looking for a great Pagan based story or a chance to go deeper into your spirituality this book can lead the way.


This book is one of the best books about finding your Path I've ever read. The words put me right there in the room, the ritual, flying with the raven and with Hecate at the crossroads. So amazingly real it made me weep. Made me look deep into myself, to remember what I am and how I got there and what is still for me to discover. Just a beautiful book and I can't wait for the next book from this wonderful author.. Karen Clark

Kim Zonaras

Thank you for sharing your path and your story! Beautifully written and confirming to others on similar paths!


This book is truly moving and magickal - Karen's words completely enveloped me and I was lost in this book. It hints at all sorts of possibilities, not just in a world of fantasy but applicable to me (and you!) in every day life - it gives me HOPE! There are so many lessons to be learned and this book opened my mind to them all - it was quite overwhelming! I laughed, I cried, I found myself drumming along to parts of it, swaying to the music and noticed my heart racing and breaking. I am so much more aware of synchronicity and it has plain and simple changed the way I look at things every day. Absolutely beautiful book, cannot WAIT for the next instalment!

Jesse Howe

Tale of The Lost Daughter is a must read for any woman embarking on a path of self-discovery! Karen Clark has crafted an amazing story that I believe can inspire all women, no matter where they are in life, to gain an understanding that will help them discover their true natures--their innate gifts and abilities, recognize where they are best suited in life, appreciate their strengths as well as understand their areas of challenge...that only the Dark Goddess can bring.

Candace Wegrzynowski

It is rare that I find a book that not only draws me along with it's story but also personally challenges me to be stronger, better, and to look at what I'm missing or what I have lost. I've gotten ahead of myself here. I fell in love with the characters in this book because Sara isn't just a woman in a book, she lives, and breathes and walks in the world. The world she lives in looks just like mine, because it IS my world. It is a rare writer that can find something that can touch each reader, but I was blessed to be part of a group and watch as others were moved as I was moved by reading this book that will soon grace my home in physical reality, not only as a digital download. During the hardest part of my life, most difficult days, and deepest grief I've known, Karen's writing and characters helped me find the strength and beauty in what I was going through. Helped me find the strength I didn't think that I would find again, at least not for a good long time. There is beauty, pain, growth, and challenges in this book, and all of it you can take from The Tale of the Lost Daughter and apply to your own life, right now and begin to find your strength. It is my belief that this book has come at a time when our planet is crying out for our love, and attention, and also the Divine Feminine is calling to us. It is time to heal our world, ourselves, and find a better way to move our world forward. The times of division, and hatred and greed are coming to an end. I highly recommend this to anyone who is feeling lost, disconnected, depressed, or who is searching for something elusive something you KNOW you NEED but just cannot define. You may just find it here.


I can't begin to explain how beautifully written this book is. Its powerful, moving and a reminder as we journey to self.


"Tale of the Lost Daughter" belongs alongside Starhawk's "The Fifth Sacred Thing" Marge Piercy's "Woman on the Edge of Time" and Alice Walker's"Temple of My Familiar". It is an engaging, soulful and uplifting piece of contemporary fiction. In a world aching for the sacred and a deeper connection to ourselves, community and our Earth... "Tale of the Lost Daughter" brings us an enchanted weaving of the universal story of the archetypal journey home. So too is it a beautifully crafted modern day myth of the return of the Sacred Feminine. There are many many potent lines throughout the book that I found myself writing down on little pieces of paper to cherish. Such is the mark of a true literary gem.

" "In the hazy, pink shades of early dawn, a sultry, warm voice wakes me, “Sarah, my sweet Sarah, open your eyes and your heart — awake. Your journey begins today. Your soul ache has led you here and now you must follow your instincts and find your way home to your true self.” Karen Clark has written the heroic opening novel in a series sure to spark the creative and magical imagination of many!

Pauline Clynch

This book is a great book that grips you from the start. A must read and a great plot . Karen Clark does not disappoint . Thank you for writing such a gripping and fantastic book.

Annene Burgos

In a word.... glorius. I had the honor of early access to this book and am beyond pleased that I was given that oppurtunity. This book hooked me and kept me on the edge of my seat. The description painted countless images in my mind at a level I have never expierenced. The description of Hecate was very well done, and that is from a follower of Hecate (me). The story kept me entertained. The plot was intriguing to say the least. As a young pagan, this book had awakened me spiritually even more and I will never forget this book.


Captivatingly brilliant is the only way to describe the story that unfolds between the pages in Karen Clarks, Tale of the Lost Daughter. A story steeped in magic and ritual, clever characters and exquisitely vivid attention to detail, this one won't disappoint! Many times while reading I felt as though I was standing there experiencing the events right alongside Sarah, the stories primary protagonist. The story is compelling and will literally take you through a wide range of emotions; in one chapter your heart beating in suspense with anticipation, and in the next, sobbing with compassion and in honest despair for the situations Sarah finds herself in, and giggling in the next!

While this may well be Karen Clark's breakthrough novel, it is clear as you read on that she is expert when it comes to her craft. She is a remarkably gifted writer, who has managed to bridge the gap between a magical and mundane world. Her natural storytelling ability shines with an authenticity enabling anyone who isn't familiar with Paganism to step easily into this tradition, providing both a clear understanding of what is unfolding before them, as well as offering the reader accurate insight into the magical on-going's of realistic pagan adventure. For those who are already rooted in the Pagan tradition, this book will likely become essential reading material. It provides a way forward for those seeking a deeper more meaningful relationship with the Dark Goddess, while showing the transformative nature in the ability of transitioning past experience into useful personal gain. Countless times I found myself jotting down sacred little morsels that resonated so personally within me. This book will be a valuable resource for many, page after page containing words of wisdom and magic, everywhere! I can see myself reading this one over, many times.

I believe we can look forward to seeing much more from Karen Clark, and I have a feeling that this Author may well be this generations, "Starhawk." Ms. Clark's contributions are significant, and sure to be seen as equally comparable to the more prevalent modern day authors, having a profound effect on the Reclaiming Tradition, being exceedingly relevant to The Goddess Movement, and paramount to the Divine/Sacred Feminine Communities, as well as being most complimentary and worthy of attention to any of the various Pagan Traditions remaining. Tale of the Lost Daughter, leaves me excited knowing that we finally have a fascinating work of fiction that actually depicts reality.

A Moon

A wondrous pagan tale of growth and remembrance.

A few of my favorite quotes:

"We cannot reclaim our beauty without embracing our wounds."

“I choose the middle way, the Dark Goddess’s Path of She,” I say without a pause."

Trista Hendren

From the beginning of Tale of the Lost Daughter I was drawn in and blown away by such vivid imagery while being enthralled by where the story would lead me. This book had its grip, always leaving me wanting more. As the story unfolded I found aspects of myself in Sarah and it awakened a part of me that had been asleep for sometime. It was a wonderful journey of the soul, full of swelling energy through its progression. I can't wait to be able to continue with the rest of the series. Karen is an amazing writer and I highly recommend this book.

Heather L.

Sarah's journey will leave you filled with hope. Whether you are pagan or not, this story will not disappoint! It is adventurous, wild and painful at times but that is the point of life! If you are familiar with the Dark Goddess and pagan tradition, you will not be disappointed in the detail of the writing and the accuracy of the portrayal of pagan ways. Tale of the Lost Daughter takes Sarah and the audience through a fabulous journey that touches on all levels of emotion and pierces deep into the soul! I always tell people who inquire about the pagan path and how they can go about finding their way to read and research as much as you can and you will uncover something that resonates so deep into you spirit that you feel like it's something you already knew but had long forgotten - now you remember! Then you'll know that is your path and you will not need to ask anyone to validate it. " Nothing is lost that cannot be refound"! I recommend this book to anyone looking to connect with their own souls and the world around them! Thanks Karen!

Anna Fulcher