Repeat after me: I am beautiful. I am worthy. I am Divine. I have special gifts to offer others.

Close your eyes. Take a few slow, full breathes. Feel the truth of these words, and the ache of your longings in response.

For the moment, don’t listen to any naysaying voices that would deny these truths and your longings. You’ve heard these voices your whole life; it’s time to listen to something new.

Instead, turn your gaze inward, deep, deep within the core of your being. To the part of you that remembers your beauty, gifts and sacred purpose; and that has kept safe your knowing of the life-centered mysteries of Nature and the Goddess.

This is your Inner Goddess who awaits you in the secret places within you where your life-light shines the brightest.

Take another slow, full breath. Then ask yourself: Am I ready to claim my Inner Goddess? Am I ready to discover my beauty and gifts that are ripe to emerge at this time? Am I ready to grow and blossom into my true, beautiful Self? Am I ready to set off on a journey that will take my life in new, empowering directions?

If your answer to these questions is yes, the Summer Journey: Thou Art Goddess is for you.

Let Your Inner Goddess and Nature Be Your Guides

Look to the wild world beyond your doorstep: all around you Nature is in full-blossom mode, gifting you with its lavish, delicious offerings of beauty and abundance.

Your Summer Journey takes you deep inside these life-giving ways of Nature, and the mirror mysteries of your Inner Goddess at this time when the powers of light and life are at their strongest.

Wild things don’t suffer from self-esteem or modesty issues. In the heat and sunshine of Summer, they do exactly what they were created to do at the prime of their life, offering up their best gifts to support and nourish the living world.

So too your Summer Journey calls you to:

Your Summer Journey includes:

The Summer Journey Guidebook (pdf ebook)

Seven lessons, each with an integrated wisdom teaching, awareness practice and journaling task, with your Inner Goddess and Nature as your guides (pdf ebook).

The Summer Journey Journal (pdf ebook)

For each lesson, there are journaling prompts and questions to deepen your self-awareness and exploration of the Summer Journey teachings.

The Summer Journey Guided Meditation (audio mp3)

A 23 minute guided meditation in search of your Inner Goddess, and your beauty and gifts that are ready to blossom at this time (mp3 audio).