Winter Journey

Give yourself the springtime gift of new beginnings.

In Spring, Nature and the Mother-Daughter Goddesses, Demeter and Persephone, share their mysteries of spiritual evolution where new beginnings emerge from a complex, potent wholeness woven of the opposing energies of light, life, darkness and death.

The Spring Journey guides you in these spiritual, evolutionary mysteries where your soulful, new beginnings emerge when you welcome your whole Self to the light of your spring pathwork by engaging the complex, divergent parts of your nature and life story that are the makings of your personal growth at this time.

On Your Spring Journey you will:

Align your spiritual path with the seasonal powers of Nature and the Mother-Daughter Goddesses, Demeter and Persephone.

Explore the spring season teachings of balance, wholeness, equanimity and spiritual evolution.

Reunite with the Mother Goddess’s ways of love and light that can help you step past your old stories into a deeper level of spiritual maturity, power, self-love and self-acceptance.

Discover the seeds of transformative change and personal growth that are emerging for you.

Design an action plan to plant and tend this new growth in the garden of your life.

Cultivate the essential qualities and skills of living your spiritual evolution: equanimity, wholeness, bigness of being, and the middle path.

Your Spring Journey includes:

The Spring Journey Guidebook (pdf ebook)

Seven lessons, each with an integrated wisdom teaching, awareness practice and journaling task to help you explore and experience the teaching, and apply it to your spiritual work and everyday life.

  • Lesson 1: Starting Your Spring Journey
  • Lesson 2: Listening to Nature: The Equanimity of Nature
  • Lesson 3: Communing with the Mysteries: The Evolutionary Teachings of the Mother-Daughter Goddesses
  • Lesson 4: A Guided Meditation: Return to the Sunlit Realm
  • Lesson 5: Pathwork: Practicing the Middle Path
  • Lesson 6: Pathwork: Cultivating the Garden of Your Life
  • Lesson 7: Walking the Path: Walking the Path: Living Your Spiritual Evolution

The Spring Journey Journal (pdf ebook)

For each lesson, there are journaling prompts and questions to deepen your self-awareness and exploration of the Spring Journey teachings. The Spring Journey Journal is an interactive pdf, allowing you to record and save your journal entries.

The Spring Journey Guided Meditation (audio mp3)

A 26 minute meditation that connects you with the potent energies of the Spring season as you travel to the sunlit realm of the Mother Goddess in search of the parts of your Self and life story that are the makings of your springtime new beginnings and personal growth.

The Mother Goddess and Nature are calling you

to their springtime mysteries of new beginnings

that can help you embrace and engage your wholeness,

and evolve into a more powerful, beautiful version of your Self.

Your Spring Journey awaits you!