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Spring Journey: Your Spiritual Evolution

Spring is a glorious time of rebirth and new beginnings. The seasons of light and life have returned after the long, cold, bleakness of Winter. Nature reaches its green arms upward from the dark, death-like places in the belly of the Earth to embrace the strengthening sun. New growth buds and blossoms, offering up the bright, enticing sights, sounds and smells of a world reborn.

I’m excited to share the next offering in the Path of She Guided Series, just in time for the spring season and Easter — Spring Journey: Your Spiritual Evolution.

With Nature and the Mother-Daughter Goddesses, Demeter and Persephone, as your guides, the Spring Journey takes you into the depths of the season’s mysteries of spiritual evolution, and helps you discover the new beginning that’s emerging for you at this time.

Live your spiritual evolution from the messy, potent, divergent wholeness that is your life. Become ever-more deeply, beautifully, powerfully your Self.

In their ancient Greek myth, Persephone reunites with Her Mother Demeter, emerging from Her trials and travels in the Underworld as a Goddess transformed into Her full maturity and powers, bridging and balancing the primal energies of the death-centered Underworld and life-centered sunlit realm. Together these Mother-Daughter Goddesses illuminate their mysteries of spiritual evolution to guide your journey of soul.

With a Goddess-based conception of spiritual evolution, you’re not seeking a rarefied, idealized state of being, divorced from life’s messiness and complexities. Instead, your intention is to become a more whole, mature, powerful version of your Self that can engage the full range of your nature and life story — light and shadow, life and death, beauty and wounding, joy and sorrow, and old stories and new possibilities — as the wellspring of your personal growth and spiritual evolution.

When you understand and live your spiritual evolution in this way, the miraculous happens: you grow and change in powerful, new directions that can only arise out of the messy, potent, divergent wholeness that is your life. Your spiritual evolution is the journey itself, made up of these miraculous, transformative moments which both change and evolve you, and change and evolve your outer life.

Although this is the journey of a life time, you start with wherever you are right now, with whatever lost parts of your Self and life story are reaching from your inner darkness toward the light of your conscious engagement. These precious messages from your soul are the makings of your spiritual pathwork this spring season, and the beginning of a new stage on your journey of evolving into a deeper, more powerful and beautiful version of your Self.

The Spring Journey: Your Spiritual Evolution guides you in these springtime, evolutionary mysteries.

On your Spring Journey, you will:

Align your spiritual path with the seasonal powers of Nature and the Mother-Daughter Goddesses, Demeter and Persephone.

Explore the spring season teachings of balance, wholeness, equanimity and spiritual evolution.

Reunite with the Mother Goddess’s ways of love and light that can help you step past your old stories into a deeper level of spiritual maturity, power, self-love and self-acceptance.

Discover the seeds of transformative change and personal growth that are emerging for you.

Design an action plan to plant and tend this new growth in the garden of your life.

Cultivate the essential qualities and skills of living your spiritual evolution: equanimity, wholeness, bigness of being, and the middle path.

The Spring Journey: Your Spiritual Evolution includes: two pdf ebooks: the Spring Journey Guidebook and Spring Journey Journal, and the Spring Journey Guided Meditation (mp3 audio). The cost of the Spring Journey is $16.99.

Spring Journey – Your Spiritual Evolution: Embracing Your Life Story

Seek Out New Beginnings ~ Embrace Your Wholeness

~ Evolve Into Your Deep, Beautiful Self

Your Spring Journey awaits you!

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