The Path of She Book of Sabbats


What we have forgotten Nature remembers. Our soul hungers for an authentic existence, living from our deep beauty and gifts, in harmony with the natural world. Here we find our home, within and without, and in the life-affirming embrace of the sacred feminine. This sacred hunger for home fuels your journey of soul in The Path of She Book of Sabbats. With the primal teachings and mythic wisdom of Nature and the Gods and Goddesses as your guides, you travel across the pagan Sabbats that mark Nature’s seasonal cycle through darkness, death, light and life. Guided meditations and pathwork exercises help you bring the transformative power of these Earth-based mysteries into your life, and to walk the path of your own seasons of light and dark, beauty and wounding, and joy and sorrow. Your journey begins wherever you are in this moment. Your destination is nothing less than your big, beautiful Self, and your place within this great weaving of life that holds us all.

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