Summer Journey: Thou Art Goddess


In Summer, with the energies of life and light turned on high, the Divine power that awaits you is your own Inner Goddess.

Claim your Inner Goddess and blossom as your true, beautiful Self.


The Summer Journey Guidebook (pdf ebook)
The Summer Journey Journal (pdf ebook)
The Summer Journey Guided Meditation (.mp3)

Your Summer Journey awaits you!

Your Summer Journey takes you deep inside the life-giving ways of Nature, and the mirror mysteries of your Inner Goddess at this time when the powers of light and life are at their strongest.

In the season’s spirit of beauty and abundance, your Summer Journey calls you to:

Align your spiritual path with Nature’s ways of beauty and abundance.

Seek out the powers and mysteries of your Inner Goddess.

Embrace your true beauty and sacred purpose that are your best gifts to others.

Discover your soul work of personal growth and blossoming at this time.

Take your destined place in the making of a better world

Your Summer Journey includes:

The Summer Journey Guidebook (pdf ebook)

Seven lessons, each with an integrated wisdom teaching, awareness practice and journaling task, with your Inner Goddess and Nature as your guides.

The Summer Journey Journal (pdf ebook)

Journaling prompts for each lesson to deepen your self-awareness and exploration of the wisdom teachings.

The Summer Journey Meditation (.mp3)

A 23 minute guided meditation in search of your Inner Goddess, and your beauty and gifts that are ready to blossom at this time.

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