Fall Journey – Your Hera Path


In the Fall, a new cycle begins on your journey of soul. With the Goddess Persephone as your guide, step beyond the world you know, and seek out the transformative mysteries of the sacred dark where you can discover the very things that can nourish your soul and make your life anew.


Fall Journey Guidebook (pdf ebook)
Fall Journey Journal (pdf ebook)
Fall Journey Guided Meditation (25 min .mp3 audio)


Seek the deep roots of your spiritual journey!

The Fall Journey guides you in the ancient Goddess ways of the hera path where every journey of transformative change starts in the realm of the sacred dark where life-changing treasures await you.

It’s here — beyond the borders of your known world — in the dark, sacred places within your inner landscape, and in the mysteries that underlie everyday reality — that you can discover the hidden powers and knowledge, secret dreams and soulful longings, and the lost parts of your personal story and our collective humanity to inspire and guide your life and spiritual pathwork for the weeks, months and seasons to come.

On Your Fall Journey you will:

Learn the essential skills of descent pathwork: traveling the ways of the hera path; mending and building your relationship with the sacred dark; and cultivating the ability to step beyond your known world, and engage the vast unknown of the sacred dark.

Descend into the sacred dark in search of the deep roots and hidden gifts that can inform and guide your next cycle of spiritual growth.

Align your spiritual path with the seasonal powers of the Goddess’s hera path and Nature.

Explore the fall season mysteries of the sacred dark and transformative change.

Your Fall Journey includes:

The Fall Journey Guidebook (pdf ebook)

Seven lessons, each with an integrated wisdom teaching, awareness practice and journaling task to help you explore and experience the teaching, and apply it to your spiritual work and everyday life.

The Fall Journey Journal (pdf ebook)

For each lesson, there are journaling prompts and questions to deepen your self-awareness and exploration of the Fall Journey teachings. The Fall Journey Journal is an interactive pdf, allowing you to record and save your journal entries.

The Fall Journey Meditation (.mp3)

A 25 minute meditation that connects you with the potent energies of the fall season as you journey to the Underworld in search of the deep roots of the new cycle of spiritual growth and transformative change emerging for you at this time.