The Path of She Book of Sabbats

A Journey of Soul Across the Seasons

A world of self-discovery and transformation awaits you in The Path of She Book of Sabbats: A Journey Across the Seasons.

Step outside your door. Step beyond your everyday thoughts and habits.

Open to the kiss of sunshine on your skin, or the wetness of rain, or the nip of frost, or the bite of wind, or however else you experience the season or weather of the day.

Breathe deep. Quiet your mind. Be present to the power and mysteries of this living Earth and its shifting seasons. Nature has lessons to share if you are ready to listen and be changed.

The Path of She Book of Sabbats takes you on a spiritual journey through the seasons, with Nature and the Gods and Goddesses as your guides. Through wisdom teachings, guided meditations and pathwork exercises you can reconnect with Nature, embrace your soul’s journey through its seasons of light, dark, life, death, joy, and sorrow, and do the powerful, essential work of transforming your life.

Be brave. Listen deep. Nature is calling you home. Your soul is calling you home. Let The Path of She Book of Sabbats guide your journey in this great adventure that is your one, precious life.

Tale of the Lost Daughter

The Lost Daughter — who is she? She is you, me, and the countless women who sense that something essential, precious, is missing from our lives.

She, we, have lost the deepest roots of our womanhood, the mysteries of our feminine nature, and our connection to the Goddess — those sacred things that make us powerful, beautiful, whole, holy, and truly ourselves.

Sarah Ashby, a rising, young financial executive, is a lost daughter. In the turn of one fateful moment, she wakes up to an overpowering longing that propels her on a spiritual adventure in search of her feminine soul.

In Tale of the Lost Daughter, journey with Sarah as the dream directives of a raven and her awakening instincts lead her to a remote, rugged island on the Canadian West Coast. Experience the transformative powers of pagan ritual, magic and the Goddess. Meet Sarah’s allies, Kayla, a resident witch, and Hecate, an ancient Goddess whose lost tales of She can return the life-giving ways of the sacred feminine to the waking world.

What is lost can be refound. But Sarah must choose to step beyond the everyday world that she knows, and on to this new path of the sacred feminine, the path of She. And by this choice, her life will be forever changed.