Gifts of the Summer Season

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The wheel of the year turns to the summer season and the peak in the powers of light and life.  Amidst Summer’s full blossoming — with its luscious displays of wild roses, foxgloves and green leafy canopies, and gardens overflowing onto our supper tables — my island home on the West Coast of Canada is rising up against racism and social injustice in our local community and around the world.

The summer season helps us imagine a better world, arising from the life-centered ways of Nature and gifting us soul lessons of abundance, goodness and beauty.

While Nature reaches toward the light, we humans, most especially those of us with white skin, need to reach into the shadow places in our hearts and collective society to face, heal and transform the systemic violence, oppression and inequality that are the daily reality of our BIPOC neighbors.

As I join my local community in its anti-racism work, and do my own personal work of listening, learning and unlearning the ways in which I’m part of the problem, I also turn to the Goddess and Nature in search of guidance that can hold and inform our deepest soul lessons and help bring a better world into being.

The summer season helps us imagine this better world and choose to align ourselves with its soul lessons of abundance, goodness and beauty. Another path is possible for our human society, arising from the life-centered ways of the Goddess and Nature, and it’s flourishing outside our doorstep at this very moment.

I’m not naive. I know that we can’t heal ourselves and resolve an endemic social issue like racism solely through Summer’s visions of abundance, goodness and beauty. Nature, like humanity, has many sides and seasons. Winter brings hardship, scarcity, death and darkness, just as our lives are marked by pain, wounding and the shadow side of our nature. There are potent, transformative mysteries in light and life, and in darkness and death, and our lives and world are a complex weaving of all these things.

Yet our world needs to change. We need to change. We need to own, heal and transform our internalized and systemic racism into something better, based on equality, justice, safety, love and worthiness for all.  We need a vision of something different than the status quo: a vision of a unified wholeness, where difference is cherished, honored, necessary for the well-being and thriving of all; a vision of luscious, natural abundance, goodness and beauty; a vision to give us hope, something to aspire to. Nature in Summer offers us such a vision.

From my own intense, many-years, many-seasons journey of soul, and in my Path of She work with others, there’s one thing I know for sure: that everything we need to accomplish these mighty, daunting, exhilarating, transformative tasks is already here, within us and all around us, if we but learn to seek and source the teachings of the Goddess and Nature in new, powerful ways. 

I’ve created the Summer Journey: Thou Art Goddess offering as part of a Guided Journey Series through the seasons to help you seek and source the guidance and teachings of the Goddess and Nature. The Summer Journey includes: a Guidebook (pdf ebook), Journal (pdf ebook), and Guided Meditation (mp3 audio)  that offer an integrated, seven lesson program with wisdom teachings, awareness practice and journaling exercises, and a guided meditation.

During these COVID-19 times, when many of us are struggling and in need of spiritual inspiration, I’m offering my Summer Journey at sliding scale prices.

The full price is $16.99.  Use this coupon: summerdiscount to pay 50% of the purchase price. Use this coupon: summergift to download the Summer Journey package for free.

I ask you to pay what you can and to take what you need in support of your spiritual pathwork at this time.

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