Demons and Heroes: An Outer Mirror of Your Inner Landscape [podcast]

The story you project onto your demons and heroes from the public sphere offer a wealth of personal insights; they’re an outer mirror of your inner landscape.

Photo Credit: William White on Unsplash

The Imperative of Choice: Choosing Between the Beauty and Beast of Humanity [podcast]


Open your consciousness wide to encompass the totality of our human nature. We are beauty and beast. Then choose which of these polarities will rule your life.

Photo Credit: James Marcom on Unsplash

The Transformative Magic of Your Life Story: Embracing the Beauty and the Ugly [podcast]

You’re not good or bad, beautiful or ugly, but a complex weaving of these things. Transform your life by becoming big and wise enough to embrace all that you are.

Photo Credit: William Randles on Unsplash

Walking with the Goddess: Four Ways to Weave the Sacred Feminine Into Your Daily Life [podcast]


The sacred feminine speaks to a life-centered practicality: your physical well-being, capacity for joy, the richness of your personal relationships, and the beauty of your connection to Nature.