Winter Journey

At Beltane, dare the delicious, magic of the natural world.

Nature is in the midst of a love-fest, displaying its stunning, fertile impulses with brazen exuberance in the brilliant green of new foliage, and the mating rituals of birds and beasts.

The Green Man beckons to you at Beltane. He is the guardian of the wild world whose quickening touch can awaken your desire to share your true beauty with the world, and ignite new life and possibilities within you.

Your Beltane Guided Meditation will take you on a journey into the forest realm of the Green Man to commune with Him in His dance of life-making. He offers you the gift of awakening that can help you take your next step on your journey of soul.

The Beltane Guided Meditation (audio mp3)

A 23 minute meditation that connects you with the potent Beltane energies embodied by the Green Man.

The Beltane Guided Meditation Journal (.pdf)

With journaling prompts and questions to deepen your Beltane Meditation. The Journal is an interactive pdf, allowing you to record and save your journal entries.

Dancing With the Green Man (.pdf)

A celebration of Beltane with beautiful images and inspirations to help you capture the energy of the season.

Embrace the Green Man as lover

in His gorgeous, ever-unfolding dance

of light, love and life-making.

Only $5.99