About the Path

The Path of She provides a modern perspective and personal practices for spiritual seekers who hunger for the lost beauty and power of the sacred feminine in their lives, and in our world.

Rooted in pagan and Wiccan wisdom teachings, the Path of She translates the ancient mysteries of the Goddess to our modern times and needs.

The Path of She guides you with knowledge, skills and insights to learn about the sacred feminine, one step and one miraculous, transformative moment at a time.

You are magic, and your life with all its joys and sorrows, and beauty and wounding, matter.

Trust and consciously follow where your dreams and waking life lead you.

Your life is the crucible that hones your brilliance so that you can shine all the more brightly, and offer your best gifts and qualities to yourself, your loved ones and our world.

Within you resides the power to make a better, kinder, richer, saner, sustainable, joy-filled world, starting with your next breath and next step, and each one afterwards.

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The Path of She comes to life in Tale of the Lost Daughter, the first fiction book in the Path of She Series. Journey with Sara Ashby, an ambitious, young financial executive, as she wakes to the longings of her soul, finds herself drawn to a rugged island on the Canadian West Coat, and discovers the wild, transformative world of magic, ritual and the Goddess.

The upcoming Companion Book and Journeywork Series will provide you with the knowledge, skills, tools and practices to make your own journey of power and transformation on the Path of She.

Begin your exploration of Path of She concepts with the Walk the Path blog, which follows a weekly cycle including: a post exploring a Path of She teaching; a Weekly Intention to focus your personal journey work; Pathwork posts that directly engage the topic materials with an internal (Inner Pathwork) or external focus that applies the weekly teaching to the everyday world (Outer Pathwork); and lastly, an inspirational quote from Tale of the Lost Daughter.

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