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At Samhain, when the veil between the worlds is thin, Hecate calls you to Her crossroads of choice and destiny. Never before has Her voice been so urgent.
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A Samhain Tale: Hecate & the Crossroads of Choice

Heed Hecate’s wisdom in these Great Turning times: Love is the way forward — love that chooses generosity over greed, and communion over dominion — love that can turn the destructive momentum that threatens this world into a positive new beginning. …Read More

Follow in Persephone’s footsteps. Begin your hera journey. Descend into the sacred dark in search of the deep roots of your next cycle of spiritual growth.
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Fall Journey: The Sacred Dark, Persephone and Your Hera Path

Open to Nature’s invitation to heed the waxing powers of darkness. Embrace the sacred dark in your spiritual pathwork of transformative change. Follow Persephone’s lead, and begin your hera journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth and wholeness. …Read More

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