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In Tale of the Lost Daughter, step beyond the everyday and discover a pagan world of magic, ritual and the Goddess on a remote island on the Canadian West Coast.
Tale of the Lost Daughter

Magic Your Summer Reading: Tale of the Lost Daughter

Journey with Sarah as she dives deep into the healing powers of magic and the mysteries of Hecate, an ancient Goddess whose lost tales of She can return the life-giving ways of the divine feminine to the waking world. …Read More

Open to the dream teaching of the foxglove, with its stunning beauty and potent powers: love heals, but only with a strong heart that honors light and shadow.

Pagan Dreamer: The Foxglove and Your Healing Heart

Join me in my pagan dream landscape, with the foxglove as our teacher in the healing ways of love, beauty, and a strong heart that is big and wise enough to hold the light and shadow of our world. …Read More

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