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Just as life and light are reborn from death and darkness, so too your beauty is reborn from your wounding — this is your rebirth magic in the winter season.

Your Rebirth Magic: Four Transformational Lessons for the Winter Season

Winter is the season of the Dark Goddess and Her rebirth magic. From darkness and death, new light and life are reborn. From the dark night of our personal wounding, we reclaim and rebirth our true, beautiful Self. …Read More

In Tale of the Lost Daughter, step beyond the everyday and discover a pagan world of magic, ritual and the Goddess on a remote island on the Canadian West Coast.

Winter Reading for the Holiday Season: Tale of the Lost Daughter

Journey with Sarah as she dives deep into the healing powers of magic and the mysteries of Hecate, an ancient Goddess whose lost tales of She can return the life-giving ways of the divine feminine to the waking world. …Read More

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