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There are good men among us — the poets, teachers, leaders, wise men and healers who give over their hearts and hands in service of the miracle that is life.
good man

Pagan Dreamer: A Dream of the Good Man

Open your heart and mind to the good men among us as a powerful counterbalance to the cultural ideal of real-men masculinity, played out in the constant bad news of political mayhem, environmental devastation, economic crisis and income disparity. …Read More

Your Summer Journey is a revolution in the making, with Nature’s bounty of beauty and abundance as the counterforce to negative mindset of our daily newsfeed.
Summer Solstice

Your Summer Journey: Nature’s Transformative Magic of Beauty and Abundance

Nature’s teachings have never been more essential than in these times of great turmoil and transition. In Summer, Nature always returns to beauty, abundance and goodness. No matter what life brings our way, it’s time for each of us to do the same. …Read More

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