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Open your consciousness wide to encompass the totality of our human nature. We are beauty and beast. Then choose which of these polarities will rule your life.
Beauty and Beast

The Imperative of Choice: Choosing Between the Beauty and Beast of Humanity

When you see and name the best and worst in yourself and others, with clarity and compassion, you’re given the gift of conscious choice. In the face of the beauty and beast of humanity, and the light and shadow of your life story, what do you choose? …Read More

Breath. Love. Listen. Offer up your best presence and support to yourself and others. This is how we can heal and transform ourselves and world together.

Pagan Dreamer: Breathe. Love. Listen. Change the World.

Listen deeply to yourself. Listen deeply to those around you. Listen deeply to the sorrows of the world that call to you. How can you best support yourself and others in this time of endings? What is your place in the making of a better world? …Read More

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