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The Crossroads call to you at Samhain, a place of endings that promise new beginnings, where your destiny is woven by the choices you make.

Honoring the Mysteries of Samhain

At Samhain, Nature makes its final transitions into its winter dormancy. Between the worlds, the Goddess Hecate stands at Her crossroads, offering Her Crone wisdom and the beacon of Her love-light to guide you in this season of life-changing endings. …Read More

Death strips us to the basics: every breath is a miracle not to be wasted; every life is precious, sacred; and love, at the end of all things, is what remains.

A Samhain Teaching: Born Into Life, Born Into Death

At Samhain, we contemplate the mysteries of death, not with fear, but from acceptance of death as a teacher for the living. We’re born into life and born into death, and it’s this very fact that makes every moment so precious, fragile and beautiful. …Read More

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