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We’re the masters of our own Truth. This Truth holds our contract of how to live our life. It can limit or expand us, imprison or set us free. The choice is ours.
Masters of Truth

Pagan Dreamer: Masters of Our Truth

Claim your Truth and your freedom to live on your own terms. Pay close attention to the ideas and beliefs that direct your life. Whatever feels untrue, unloving and disempowering, banish it from your Truth, and take away its power to control you. …Read More

Paganism invites you to the realm of what else is true and possible. Take a little journey beyond the everyday and bring back whatever sings to your soul.
learn from pagan

Five Things You Can Learn From a Pagan

Paganism isn’t just about beliefs, it’s about stepping outside of the strictures of everyday reality and stepping into full-bodied experiences of the wild, mysterious, transformative world of Goddess, Earth, body, sensuality and magic. …Read More

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