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Everything you are and you’ve experienced are part of a greater journey that drives your spiritual evolution of becoming a more whole, powerful version of your Self.

Your Spiritual Evolution: Four Transformative Teachings for the Spring Season

In the spring season of new beginnings, embrace a new understanding of your Self, life story, and journey of spiritual evolution through four transformative teachings of the Mother-Daughter Goddesses, Demeter and Persephone. …Read More

Let your suffering be compost that feeds your new growth, and let your joy draw your heart upward to embrace life. Trust yourself. Trust each other. Begin again.
Spring Equinox

A Message from Demeter at the Spring Equinox

Demeter speaks: As the seasons turn, so do the seasons of humanity. Many powers are converging to wake humanity from its long winter of soul. Spring is in the air; Persephone walks the land above; and you reach for the ways of the Goddess once more. …Read More

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