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Within you is a luminescent spark of Creation that holds your unique gifts and sacred purpose. You are beautiful, worthy, powerful, Divine. Thou art Goddess.
Summer Solstice

A Summer Solstice Meditation: Thou Art Goddess

Travel to your inner sanctum where your Goddess Self — She who knows the ways of Nature and the sacred feminine — awaits you. She will show you the parts of your beauty and purpose that are ready to blossom in the peak of Summer’s life-giving powers. …Read More

Open to the dream teaching of the foxglove, with its stunning beauty and potent powers: love heals, but only with a strong heart that honors light and shadow.
Pagan Dreamer

Pagan Dreamer: The Foxglove and Your Healing Heart

Join me in my pagan dream landscape, with the foxglove as our teacher in the healing ways of love, beauty, and a strong heart that is big and wise enough to hold the light and shadow of our world. …Read More

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