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At the Summer Solstice, the Divine power that awaits you is your own Goddess Self who holds your remembrance of the ways and mysteries of the sacred feminine.
Summer Solstice

Celebrating the Summer Solstice

At the Summer Solstice, your journey of soul invites you to blossom, shining forth your true essence and beauty. Emulate Nature in this summer season of generosity and abundance by cultivating and sharing your best gifts and qualities with others. …Read More

Imagine a world centered in Nature’s life-giving ways: where scarcity is met with abundance, fear with love, and there’s enough for everyone and everything.
Summer powers

Three Lessons from the Summer Season: Visioning a New World

Two realities, two ways of living: our known world with its ethos of fear and scarcity versus the life-centered powers of Nature in Summer with its gifts of beauty and abundance. It’s time to consciously choose which reality will guide your life. …Read More

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