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At Beltane, the Green Man is the lover God who gives us whatever we need, in whatever form to help us grow and blossom as our true, deep Self.

Three Lessons to Inspire Your Beltane Magic with the Green Man

However you choose to honor the potent energies of Beltane, know that the Green Man’s wild-world dream of light, love and life-making is reaching out to you. Here are three lessons to inspire your Beltane magic with the Green Man. …Read More

Whatever you need the Green Man will give to you, for He is the lover-God who sparks new life and possibilities, rooted in your deep desires and true beauty.

A Beltane Meditation: Making Life with the Green Man

In your Beltane meditation, open to your primal desire to be part of Nature’s life-creating-life dance, surrender to your hunger for soulful new beginnings, let your wild instincts take over and the Green Man will come to you. …Read More

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